Important notice to all….

” The Club has recently received several complaints from neighbours of late night noise emanating from  club buildings which include both the Old and New Pavilions.
 Access is  only necessary to fulfil club duties , otherwise such entry is unauthorised. Officers of the club who have recently attended the ground have found evidence of numerous empty beer cans  in refuse bins sited by both pavilions. There  is also a suggestion that lights have been seen on  in the Old Pavilion in the evening, and items found support the view that  unauthorised entry has been made on one or on several occasions. The Trustees  are extremely concerned by the reporting of these incidents; they do not know as to whom the culprits might be, but out of the utmost caution and to act upon the complaints made by several neighbours, the local police have been informed with a request that they investigate these complaints.”
The Trustees of Charlbury C.C.

Access to ‘Old Pavilion’ at CCC

This is an important message for ANY PERSON  trying to gain access to the old pavilion……Due to the building being used for the ‘wrong reasons’, the building has been permanently secured. No-one other that the Ground Staff are allowed inside due to Covid 19 measures. Should you need to gain entrance please contact Mike Shayler on 07969 446 739..

Change of Club Chairman

At the October Annual General Meeting Tom Eaton gave his final ‘Chairman’s Report’ to the meeting, as he handed over the reins to David Horne for the next three years.

The club is greatly indebted to Tom for his committment to the club during these past three years, and much has been achieved under his chairmanship, often under very difficult circumstances, not to mention Covid 19!!. The club is so pleased that Tom will now take on the role as Youth Cricket Manager, and we wish him every success in the future.


Projects Wishlist for 2020/21

Following a meeting of the Projects Committee, a list of proposed projects were  discussed in detail and costed, and then recommended to the Management Committee for approval. For the benefit of club members these are the projects we would like to see happen as and when finances allow:

  1. Refurbished Nets facility: 2. Club House Lounge Refurbishment:  3.  Main Square boundary extension: 4. Old Pavilion upgrade: 5. Outside Tea Tent:

We would like to thank all those who have made donations to the club during the season.

January 2021 – Due to one loan having to be repaid, we regret that we will only be able to complete the ‘clubhouse lounge refurbishment’ and until we are able to raise the finances, all other projects have been put on hold.

CCC Annual General Meeting

The attached  Organisational Chart for CCC Management was agreed at the AGM on Thursday 22nd October via a Zoom meeting of members.

All the Officers listed will be updated on various headings and hopefully the ‘new system’ will make the running of the club more manageable.

The website will be updated over the next few weeks and it is our intention to notify all members of ‘things as they happen’….Please check the website reguarly.

Colin Olliffe – Club Secretary


Town Council award CCC £1,000

We are delighted to announce that Charlbury Town Council has awarded the cricket club a grant of £1,000 that will be used for the enhancement of the pavilion social area and toilet facilities.

The main committee will be discussing the full proposals on Sunday 19th January but Phase 1 is likely to include additional mood lighting, temporary floor covering (rugs) and painting of the walls in more vibrant colours. Phase 2 will involve a more permanent flooring solution and new furniture.

Ajit Shah, director of cricket said that he was extremely grateful to the support of the Town Council and this award will enhance the clubs social area and be a welcome improvement to a well loved community facility in Charlbury, that continues to be open to all Charlbury residents.